DC Mini


Single Group Espresso Machine

The Dalla Corte Mini series are fitted out with the same brewing unit technology as the EVO series, and therefore the same standard of quality.

The DC Mini Features
    • The DTCS Multi-boiler system gives the DC Mini a temperature stability of 0.1* Celcius.
    • Through a patented boiler design and PID controlled element the system can hold this stability in volume periods with ease.
    • The DC Mini is up to 30% more energy efficient than other single group systems.
    • Thermally Insulated – No heat is lost at any point of the heating to extraction process.
    • Volumetric Controls – Gives the Barista exact control the group water output.
    • Group temperatures can be set completely independently.
    • Simple Construction – Machine can be accessed for service by removing only 4 screws.
    • Ergonomic Design – Group is visible and low laying, Steam wands feature half-twist, and handle is shaped for ease in repetitive use.
Download the brochure for more info.