Official Espresso Machine of the World Latte Art Championships

A multi-boiler machine with a patented direct temperature control system, the DC Pro allows the barista 100% control over every parameter involved in espresso preparation and the security of unparalleled temperature stability regardless of the operating conditions.

The DC PRO Features
    • The DTCS independent saturated mono block boiler system gives the DC Pro a brew temperature stability of 0.1* Celcius.
    • Through a patented multi-boiler design, where each boiler is completely independent, the DC PRO can hold this stability in super high volume periods with ease.
    • Low Power Saver mode: In standby the machine slowly lowers its boiler temp to 30%, which allows it to heat up with minimal power / time when back in use.
    • Multi-functional LCD Panel – Gives the Barista immediate control over the machine parameters for extraction.
    • Group temperatures can be set completely independently.
    • Simple Construction – Machine can be accessed for service by removing only 4 screws.
    • Digital Alarms System – Faults are digitally recorded by the machine so there is no guesswork by the technician.
    • Variety of Finishes – The DC Pro comes in 3 finishes – Aluminium, titanium and dynamic white – which feature premium metal particle bases.
Download the brochure for more info.