WMF 1200S


The new standard in automatic professional coffee.

The WMF 1200s is the new entry into the professional world of coffee. It is perfect for small to medium use and creates a range of flawless coffee specialities, including lattes, cappuccinos and mochas, all at the press of a button.

With a self service display and stylish integrated spot LEDs the 1200 S makes an ideal companion to any modern office where quality coffee and quality design are appreciated.

The 1200S Features
    • Designed for environmentally friendly recycling
    • 12 Perfect coffee specialities at the touch of a button
    • Eco modes to reduce power consumption
    • Self-Serve menu for ease of use
    • HACCP Certified Plug & Clean: effortless cleaning of all milk-leading parts
    • Slim construction (324 mm wide)
    • Designed & Made in Germany
Download the brochure for more info.