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Urnex Brands Incorporated is a manufacturer of specialty cleaning products for the coffee industry. The company offers a complete portfolio of cleaning products, with several brand tiers, that serve all facets of the modern coffee industry. Urnex also has the largest global OEM footprint in the coffee cleaning sector.

Over the years the Urnex brand has been synonymous with innovation in cleaning technology, and no other cleaning brand has the range and quality that the Urnex portfolio contains. Urnex are also the official cleaning sponsor for WCE events, including the World Barista Championships.

The Urnex Portfolio

The success of Urnex is built on finding smart ways to keep coffee clean and delicious. From the very beginning, we’ve worked collaboratively with professionals in the coffee business to make sure nothing gets in the way of the customer’s experience. The Urnex Portfolio is divided into categories, so it is easy to select the correct cleaning product for your needs.

OEM Solutions

Urnex is more than a line of cleaning products. It is a company thats has become the world’s leading experts in cleaning coffee equipment. Urnex products are the result of applied problem-solving and experience. As such Urnex has become the global leader in OEM manufacturing, with many of the leading brands utilising Urnex products in co-branded packaging.

WCE Sponsorship

World Coffee Events (WCE) have appointed Urnex as the exclusive Qualified Cleaning Sponsor for all WCE events annually. After undergoing a rigorous qualification testing process conducted by a team of qualified experts, Urnex was the only organization to have been selected as the sponsor of all 6 annual events.

Product Certification

Urnex cleaning products have the highest level of product certification in manufacturing quality, environmental sustainability and cultural requirements. Urnex product certifications include: NSF, OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute Listed), Organic, Kosher, and Halal.